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Propolis Hand Cream

Hand Care Cream

with propolis

  • «Mybee Propolis Hand Cream» is designed for the hydration of hands and the restoration of skin chapped by weather conditions.
  • The active ingredients provide hydrating and regenerating care to the skin of the hands.
  • The precious plant oils combined with propolis, honey and balsam protect and nourish the skin from free radicals making it ideal for chapped and worn hands.

Packaging 50 ml

The miracle of PROPOLIS

The miracle of PROPOLIS

The ‘’Mybee’’ company and ‘’HEALTH AVENUE’’ invites you to an event that will take place on 29 of March 2018, at the Athenian Science Bookstore (20, Karneadou str.).

Subject: The miracle of PROPOLIS

• – Shield your health with its excellent qualities
• – Learn about its uses
• – Ensure a solution to many of your daily problems

Speaker: Mr. G. Skoufis (owner of the company Mybee).

At the end of the presentation will be gifted for you GIFTS from products with propolis.

“Feel the Power of Propolis”

For more information, please email

Soap with propolis and honey


with propolis and honey

For skin care

  • «Mybee Propolis and Honey Soap» is made with organic propolis and honey, without color and perfume additives.
  • The production process using natural soap base (vegetable glycerin) contributes to the maintenance of the properties of propolis and honey ensuring that the active ingredients are not destroyed during the production process.
  • Propolis contains softening and hydrating agents for the rejuvenation and restoration of skin.
  • It acts as an antibiotic and an antibacterial and contributes to warding off bacteria that cause pimples and skin imperfections.
  • Honey offers hydration and a silky texture to the skin and counters irritations creating a healthy glow.
  • It is ideal for body and hair.
  • It can be used for deep pore cleaning of the face and does not irritate the eyes.
  • It has a neutral Ph.
  • Suitable for children.

Packaging 100 ml

Tincture of propolis


of propolis

  • «Mybee Propolis Tincture» is made from pure propolis, water and alcohol.
  • Propolis has local anesthetic properties and functions as a pain killer. It is a natural antioxidant, speeds up the healing process of wounds and provides disinfection and sterilization.
  • For external use: it is applied locally on injuries, pimples and skin conditions such as psoriasis.
  • For internal use: it is a drinkable solution (10 drops in 1 glass of water) for boosting the immune system, flu prevention, treating throat infections and the disinfection of the oral cavity.

Packaging 20 ml

Lipcare Propolis



Hydration of the lips

  • «Mybee Propolis Lip Care» is a 100% natural product for the hydration and protection of lips from extreme high and low weather conditions.
  • It contains high quality propolis, honey, bee’s wax, olive oil and is mildly scented with rose essential oil.
  • It is ideal for chapped lips due to its high propolis content.
  • The healing process begins with the first application as does the restoration of skin while at the same time the lips are protected from further chapping.

Packaging 5.5 gr

Propolis Care Cream

Propolis Care Cream

  • «Mybee Propolis Care Cream» is a natural product for the body.
  • Its ingredients are derived from organic cultivations and have been chosen following years of research ensuring that they work harmoniously with propolis.
  • The combination of Propolis, honey, bee’s wax, sunflower extract, balsam and rose essential contributes to the strengthening of the lubrication function of the mucus membranes and the increase of the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • The cream’s texture is soft; it is easily applied and absorbed by the skin leaving behind a silky sensation and a pleasant aroma.
  • The cream can be used for healing wounds, skin cracks, abrasions and rashes all over the body and for soothing irritated skin after sun exposure.
  • It is ideal for the protection of the skin and the avoidance of skin conditions that are caused by strenuous exercise.
  • Suitable for children.

Packaging 50 ml

Face cream with propolis

Face cream


  • «Mybee Propolis Face Cream» is Ideal for all ages and skin types.
  • It can be used as a day and night cream.
  • It is a perfect base for makeup.
  • With a deep rejuvenating action.
  • Helps restore luminosity, firmness and even skin tone.
  • Ideal hydration of the skin, restoring its natural moisture levels Healthy, smooth and radiant skin that lasts.

Packaging 50 ml


Pet Care Cream with propolis

Pet Care Cream

with propolis

«Mybee Propolis Pet Care Cream» is a natural product for the care and protection of animals.

The cream’s main ingredients are: propolis, honey, bee’s wax, rose essential oil, sunflower essence and tea tree oil.

It is used for healing wounds, bites and burns on pets and treating dry skin in areas that are not covered with fur (paws, elbows, tummy). It helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture and elasticity.
Packaging 50 ml