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Mybee is a Greek company involved in the creation of natural medicated cosmetics with propolis. Building on the family’s tradition of bee keeping and specializing in the production and processing of propolis, our company was founded by people with great love for bees and nature. Our company’s headquarters is in Karditsa (Lake Plastiras) in facilities in which the offices, warehouse and research & development office operate. Our ingredients come from organic cultivations and are chosen through an evaluation process by our research & development department so as to ensure the high quality of our products. Mybee implements accredited control systems of national and international organizations (National Organization for Medicines, CPNP Notification, dermatological tests) and uses recycled materials and water based inks for the packaging

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EVERGETIKES-IDOTHTES-TITLE-TEXT-english2 Propolis is a natural bee product that can guard and protect your health and skin. It is a substance rich in texture and the qualities that are produced by the honeybee.

Its structure consists of a collection of resinous secretions of the plants enriched with wax, bee pollen, enzymes and other substances. Propolis’ color varies from light yellow to dark brown depending on the herbal origin with its concentration in wax and bee pollen. Its physical state depends on the temperature whilst its chemical composition on the flora of each region.

Propolis is a natural remedy used extensively in antiquity as an antiseptic and as a wound healing agent. Today it is used in dermatology, surgery, dentistry, otolaryngology, and gynecology as well as in cosmetics creation.

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LIMNH-PLASTHRA2-text Lake Plastira as well as the wider region features a rich ecosystem, which is ideal for the development of beekeeping and the production of high quality honey and, thus, propolis. The harmony and beauty of the landscape gives the impression that the lake is natural, and only the existence of the dam indicates that it is the result of an artificial project. 

The lake was formed in 1959 when the dam was completed on the southern edge of the plateau of Nevropolis in the county of Karditsa. 

The continental climate of the region and pristine countryside contributed to the development of an exceptional flora. The most representative species in the region is the broadleaved oak, locally called Dendros, and the spruce, while at the higher parts of the plateau Nevropolis begins the pseudo-alpine vegetation. There are even species of herbaceous vegetation such as ferns, geraniums, cyclamen, crocuses, narcissi, orchid species and a wide variety of herbs such as lemon balm, balsam, laurel, sea buckthorn, thyme, oregano, nettle etc. The natural beauty of this place and the passion of the local producers gives a high quality honey, an exceptional propolis and many other honey products with 100% natural ingredients.